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Present your design like the big dogs.

Slick mobile and desktop mockup movies and photos—for promo videos, presentations, portfolios, app store images and the web.
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Forget everything you know about mockups and 3D.

Tired of hunting for PSDs, too busy to learn After Effects and 3D, let alone pay thousands of dollars for them? Rotato is everything you need to let your designs stand out, at a fraction of the price.
It's your turn.
The way you showcase your design work is directly related to how many apps you sell, job interviews you're invited to, and designs you get approved.
Jesse Herlitz, Castro podcast app, recommends Rotato
"Before Rotato, creating a meaningful video was insane. Now I can go from idea to execution in minutes, absolutely. Use the hell out of this."
Jesse Herlitz, General Manager, Castro app

Included mockups

100% 200% 1,000% infinite zoomable + rotatable (yes, really), you can even change their colors and turn them into clay in one click.

For everything you've created

Use it for your portfolio, social media, app store images, landing pages, onboarding tutorials, slide decks
Mockup portfolios in Moritz Welker's stylish designApp mockup for Highlight AppConcept mockup for iPad MenuApp Store mockup for the Session appSocial media mockup for Craft's app

... and all the things you're going to make

Make your prototypes come to life in an instant.
Dave Verwer thinks Rotato's mockups are of a different league. So are you, Dave!
“I must admit I was blown away when I checked it out. This is in a different league, and the results are wonderful—this will be hard to beat.”
Dave Verwer, iOS Dev Weekly newsletter

3D really can be that easy

We designed Rotato to be easy to learn. And really, really fast.

Drag, drop and done

What used to take days or even weeks now takes a few minutes. Drag in your work as JPG, PNG, MOV, AVI, MP4, MP3 - and a ton more -  and see the magic.

Record your iPhone's screen

Getting all your assets in place can take hours. With Rotato's built-in screen recorder, all you have to do is to connect your iPhone to your Mac with a USB cable. See how.

You're the 3D animator now

Make your mockups come alive by designing your own animations - or use one of the presets, in a single click. See how.

App Store screenshots in one click

Been dreading making all those screenshots for the app store? We all know how important they are. Rotato can make them for you. See how.

Bring the wow moments to your meetings

We've all been there - distracted coworkers and clients all around the conference room. Presenting your designs in realtime animated 3D will have your audience hooked, guaranteed.

So real they'll ask which camera you used

Rotato optimizes your settings in the background for the best results. Behind the curtain is a whole virtual photo studio. And sure, you can turn all the knobs if you want. But you don't have to.

Designers and marketers love Rotato

Before Rotato, creating a meaningful video was insane. Now I can go from idea to execution in minutes, absolutely. Use the hell out of this.
OMG I never thought I'd be able to create a video like this within 10 minutes with just clicking a couple of buttons!
Trust me: Rotato is guaranteed to make your app look awesome.
WOW! Checked out the trial version of @rotatoapp yesterday. 5 minutes later, purchased. New video coming soon :)
Wow, I’m blown away
I generated a new tiny presentation video in a matter of seconds instead of hours of fighting against After Effects
This is game-changing!
By far the easiest mockup tool I've ever seen and the quality is excellent
I can't believe what it can do, I think it's going to make adding 3D mockups to your portfolio even easier

Make your first 3D mockup promo video in just 5 minutes.

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