App Store screenshots

Generating a single App Store screenshot

Increase downloads and stand out with a great-looking shot

How to do it

  • Drag in your screenshot
  • Choose the App Store screenshot size in the dropdown above the scene
  • Click Snapshot and save your file, or simply drag it directly to App Store Connect

Watch a video

What it looks like

Nice to know

Labels can be great at describing what the potential new user sees. Make sure to keep it short and sweet. 2-5 words max. The main focus should be on the screenshot

Try not to rotate
You can rotate your App Store screenshot in 3D, but we recommend that you keep it simple and keep the focus on the app with no perspective, and zooming only when necessary.

Read the guidelines again
The guidelines from Apple are thoughtful, and following them will increase the likelihood of not only getting more installs, but also passing the review faster.

Apple: Making the most of your product page

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