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The Phone Bundle: 8 ready-to-export templates

Drag in your own design screenshot or screen video recording, and hit render. You can change the device, device color, soundtrack, literally anything you can normally edit in Rotato. We even picked out and added license-cleared music for many of the templates in this bundle.
  • 8 professional 3D animation templates
  • Drag and drop your own video or screenshot
  • Each animation works with landscape and portrait mode
  • Easily change the phone model (iPhone, Android, Generic devices available) device color, backgrounds, add labels,
  • Royalty-free soundtracks
  • Social media friendly
  • Use as standalone or mix and match to make your own app design promo video
  • Requires the latest version of Rotato

Top, middle, bottom

This classic promo teaser starts in full, and then goes on to show all the details of your design from top to bottom, accompanied by an upbeat soundtrack by Ambisax.
Soundtrack: RRound - Ambisax
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Blur In

An epic and teasing introduction followed by a quick snap into place makes this template great for introducing a new app or a radically different design.
Soundtrack: Tobu - Desert Voices
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Detail Slider

Cropped for social media, this template is optimized for giving your viewer a detailed look at your design and features, even when they're on their phone. You can easily change this crop, too.
Soundtrack: Tobu/Alex Skrindo - Smile
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Five-label story

If you have more to say than what's in your design, this label-driven template could be a great fit. The animations take the viewer from label to label while slowly revealing the design int he transitions. The template ends fully zoomed out, revealing the entire design and all labels.
Soundtrack: Bensound - Jazzyfrenchy
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Two-label loop

This template showcases your entire design by focusing on the top first first, then an elegant animation going to the bottom part, and then back to the top part, allowing for an infinite loop playing on social media sites like Twitter.
Soundtrack: Bensound - Jazzyfrenchy1
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Enter and leave

A simple classic, this template moves the phone from the far right to the center, and to the far left. This is a great alternative to a static slide in a slideshow, or as a part of a longer video with multiple clips from the bundle.
Soundtrack: None
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Fast cut energy

Grab your viewer's attention with a fast-moving and glitchy template.
Soundtrack: None
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Flow-up landscape

Staring slowly, then quickly rotating into place, this template works great for both landscape and portrait mode design showcases
Soundtrack: None
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What do I need to use this?


You need the Rotato app. It's free with an unlimited trial, and available in a Pro version, too. The only difference between the two versions is an ear tag (watermark).

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How do I receive the templates?


After you pay, you get an email with a download link.

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How do I use the templates?


The bundle is a zip file with folders. Each folder contains a template. Inside the folder, you'll find a preview of a rendered template, and a the Rotato template itself. If the template uses music, you'll also find the music file and a link to the license for the music.

To use the template, simply click the Rotato file to open the template in Rotato. Now drag in your design screenshot or recording to get it onto the screen of the 3D device. That's it! You're ready to hit Render Movie in the toolbar. You can also change the animations or even the 3D device.

Can I change the animated device?


Yes. The templates in this bundle are all optimized for the phone form factor, so you can use the iPhones, Android phones, Generic phone and the Universal (screen-only) devices. But you know, nothing is holding you back from using a laptop, monitor or a watch.

How long does it take to render a template?


Typically around a 60 seconds using the fast rendering preference at 1080p, which is of high enough quality for most projects. If you want a super high quality rendering, you're probably looking at 5 to 20 minutes, depending on your computer. disable Fast Rendering, and go for 4K.

Can you see my designs?


No. Rotato is an offline, local-only tool. This also goes for these templates. No designs are uploaded to the internet by the app.

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