Mockup video templates bundles

Fully customizable, lifetime licensed, instant rendering. All you have to do is to drag your design onto the device in the scene, and hit Render Movie.

One-click install

Each template bundle comes with a one-click installer. Open it, and Rotato automatically adds all templates to your library.

Completely customizable

You can change anything in a template, not just the presented app design - device model, background color, device color, clay mode, shadows, depth of field. You can even fine-tune the animations and use the template as a quick starting point.

Use the results anywhere

You can quickly change the aspect ratio of your movie before you render, and make sure your video fits in perfectly on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and anywhere else.

Use as-is or as a part of something bigger

You can hit Render and grab the video or image. Or, you can export in one of the professional intermediate formats Rotato supports and make your rendering a part of a bigger thing in any other editing app you use.

What do I need to use this?


You need the Rotato app. It's free with an unlimited trial, and available in a Pro version, too. The only difference between the two versions is an ear tag (watermark).

How do I receive the templates?


After you pay, you get an email with a download link.

How do I use the templates?


Once you purchase, you receive a personalized link to a ZIP file. Double click the zip file and then open the Install app inside. Rotato will add all the templates to your template library.

Can I change the animated device and web page design?


You can change virtually everything in this template bundle. You can use any device in Rotato, change the screen contents on the device, use a video, use a screenshot. This also goes for the web page template. You'll get the entire source code and the entire Webflow template. You can change fonts, contents, colors, layout, everything.

How long does it take to render a new movie with my own design?


A 10 second movie typically takes a little less than 10 seconds.

Can you see my designs?


No. Rotato is an offline, local-only tool. This also goes for these templates. No designs are uploaded to the internet by the app.