Flow-up landscape

Landscape-friendly with smooth movement, and a quick spin a the end

Fast cut energy

Glitchy and energetic, cuts between close-ups, ending in a smooth rotation

Enter and leave

Phone enters from right, pauses, leaves to the left
A simple classic, this template moves the phone from the far right to the center, and to the far left. This is a great alternative to a static slide in a slideshow, or as a part of a longer video with multiple clips from the bundle.

Five-label story

Progressively reveals 5 labels placed near the edges of the mockup
Bensound - Jazzyfrenchy

Detail Slider

Show off the details
Tobu/Alex Skrindo - Smile

Blur In

Slow tease that turns into full reveal
Tobu - Desert Voices

Top, middle, bottom

An establishing shot that progresses into details
RRound - Ambisax

Promote your app

Instant app promo videos. 8 ready-to-export templates

Drag in your own design screenshot or screen video recording, and hit render. You can change the device, device color, soundtrack, literally anything you can normally edit in Rotato. We even picked out and added license-cleared music for many of the templates in this bundle.

  • 8 professional 3D animation templates
  • Drag and drop your own video or screenshot
  • Each animation works with landscape and portrait mode
  • Easily change the phone model (iPhone, Android, Generic devices available) device color, backgrounds, add labels,
  • Royalty-free soundtracks
  • Social media friendly
  • Use as standalone or mix and match to make your own app design promo video
  • Requires the latest version of Rotato

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